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Gain Clarity and Reduce Mental Fatigue

We’ve all heard it “There’s no need to reinvent the wheel.”

Like all platitudes, the essential wisdom in an often-repeated phrase loses its meaning after its umpteenth repetition. Yet, there’s a little golden nugget, an untarnished kernel of truth that remains.

If something has been done well by someone else before, from an evolutionary lens, that result is the NEW starting point for everyone else. At this point in history, lots of “wheels” have been created. Most people couldn’t tell you how an iPhone works if given its raw materials—yet even a 3-year-old can find their way around a smartphone.

The outpouring of advancements in every field from marketing, psychology, technology, medicine, etc., has been almost too much to keep up with. So how do you conceptualize a framework to learn and monopolize on the work of others without continuously reinventing the proverbial wheel?

Create a “Digital MentorVerse.”

Growing up, I wasn’t one of the lucky ones that had a plethora of mentors to choose from. I didn’t have the know-how or courage to go out and find one. If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’re in the same situation. So what do you do?

If you aren’t blessed with a family tree of prolific and experienced “doers,” you work alone from home, you’re no longer in school surrounded by people paid to impart their wisdom, or you’re in an office surrounded by uninspiring people—are you just royally screwed when it comes to getting a mentor?

NO! – Keep reading!

In fact, it’s a relatively new phenomenon of the digital age that people find themselves so isolated where there isn’t someone within their existing sphere that can impart useful information relative to their life situation. We’ve grown up in a world magnitudes different than that of our parents, and as far as grandparents – it might as well be a different epoch.

While values and morality have taken less of a hit, skillsets and strategies for success bear little resemblance to those of years past.

Luckily – We have something our predecessors did not.


For the first time in history, humans have access to basically all the information that has ever been recorded via the internet, every book written, every theory, the good content, the bad content, the daily thoughts and moods of billionaires, CEOs, athletes, and on and on.

Grandma’s secret recipe ain’t a secret no more!

Cue the overwhelm and anxiety of it all. There’s a LOT going on out there. Open up the social media account of the average person and you’ll find a cacophony of voices telling them how to dress, eat, sleep, exercise, make money, spend money, spend their time, spend their LIFE.

At this point – let’s use another useful saying.


Unfollow. Unsubscribe. Block. Mute. Delete. 

You have control over the stream of content pouring into your mind on a daily basis. Have you taken the time to edit this content? Every successful person already has control of this one thing. It’s called an information DIET. If you aren’t controlling the information coming in—you likely have little control of your own thoughts, emotions, and goals —not to mention some serious erosion to self-worth and quality of life.

Now imagine this radical idea.

You only follow the thought leaders in the specific areas you are interested in growing into. You rearrange your information diet to large portions of “Learning from the Best,” with a side portion of “This person’s ideas have potential.”

This is what I like to call my Digital MentorVerse.

Yes, every once in a while I allow myself a “cheat meal” and will watch legacy media or consume some crappy movie when my mind something- well- mindless. But- it’s like any diet – the fundamentals stay the same.

The choice here is really to be an active versus passive consumer of information.

Find what you’re passionate about – Focus on those things. Curate a social media, movie-watching, book-reading, podcast-listening “Digital MentorVerse” of just those things. This is intentional consumption.

The alternative is to be subjected to about 1000 varying topics in a shallow and mediocre way, and develop a very general and quite useless point of view. Within a subject, there will be differing viewpoints and theories – and that’s OK. The point is, you’re not bombarding yourself with mindless scrolling ranging in topics from a speculative sports update, to personal development strategies, to a celebrity’s new drama, to a politician’s inflammatory PR stunt, to a blog on 7 ways to tell if they’re cheating on you for real this time!—And look at this Cat!”

To start, I’d challenge you to create a Digital MentorVerse by creating a new social media account, be it on X, Instagram, Whatever – and follow no more than 10-15 of the best accounts in a specific field. Personal Development? OK. Business and Entrepreneurship? Cool! UX Design, Real Estate, AI Engineering? SURE! 

From there, interact with and follow other accounts that are exclusively active in that category. 

Give it a couple of weeks and reflect on the benefits. Are you more or less interested in the subject? Do you miss the cacophony of subjects and unrelated topics you were once drowning in?

Yes – it’s all out there. ALL THE INFORMATION. But nobody is going to filter it out for you.

In fact—they are counting on it.

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